Which system of equations can you use to find the roots of the equation? x3 – 10x = x2 – 6 y = x3 – x2 + 10x + 6 y = 0 y = x3 – x2 + 10x y = 6 y = x3 – 10x y = x2 – 6

Accepted Solution

Answer:answer is:[tex]y=x^{3}-10 x,y=x^{2}-6[/tex]Step-by-step explanation:we are asked to find which system of equations can we use to find the roots of the equation:[tex]x^{3}-10x=x^{2}-6[/tex]since the system of equation in last part is given as:[tex]y=x^{3}-10 x,y=x^{2}-6[/tex]so, on equating both the equations i.e. on equating both the values of 'y' we get the desired equation as:[tex]x^{3}-10x=x^{2}-6[/tex].