The Bailey family is traveling 565.5 miles for a family vacation. Ifthey estimate they can travel 78 miles per hour, then how many hourswill take for the Baileys to arrive?​

Accepted Solution

Answer:7.25 hours (or 7 hr 15 minutes)Step-by-step explanation:Lets use the distance equation to solve this problem. This is very easy...Distance Equation D = RTWhereD is the distance (in miles)R is the rate (in mi/hr)T is the time (in hours)Given in the problem:Distance = D = 565.5 milesRate = R = 78 miles per hourWe want T, the time in hours it will take to drive. So we substitute the known parameters into the formula and  solve for T:[tex]D=RT\\565.5=78T\\T=\frac{565.5}{78}\\T=7.25[/tex]So, it is going to take around 7.25 hours for them to arrive.The extra 0.25 hours means:0.25 Hours * 60 Minutes/Hour = 15 minutesOr, we can say it will take 7 hours and 15 minutes for them to arrive.