Jade buys a blouse and a skirt for 34 of their original price. Jade pays a total of $31.50 for the two items. If the original price of the blouse is $18, what is the original price of the skirt? Enter your answer in the box.

Accepted Solution

The original cost of the skirt was $39.71.

This can be found by first calculating what the total cost of the items was originally. Since you spent $31.50 on items at 34% of their original price, the total cost can be found by dividing the new total by the percentage.

$31.50/.34 = $92.65.

Now we need to find the original price of the blouse. We repeat the same action with the $18 and the percentage.

$18/.34 = $52.94.

Now we can subtract the original cost of the blouse from the original cost of both items.

$92.65-$52.94 = $31.71.