Which conditions need to be in balance for cells to function? Check all that apply.blood sugarfood intakebody waterbody temperaturebody mass

Accepted Solution

For body cells to function properly, the following conditions need to be balanced:1. BLOOD SUGAR2. BODY WATER3. BODY TEMPERATURE.These three factors have to be in the right proportion for the cells and the body as a whole to function properly and to maintain homeostasis.Blood sugar is the source of energy in the cell and it is requi by all cell for carrying out the normal biochemical reactions in the body. The biochemical reactions in the body use water as a medium of reaction, thus the water balance in the body must be maintained. The body temperature also need to be kept at the normal level or else the normal biochemical reaction of the body will not be able to take place, due to the fact that incorrect temperatures deactivate the enzymes that mediate biochemical reactions.